Create and apply HR cases

Within the HR module you can create and apply cases to staff members, these might represent their next appraisal, disciplinary procedure, end of probation period meeting etc. You can also create cases in bulk, this is more commonly used for things like company policy changes, so that you can quickly get a revised company policy sent out to all the relevant staff members at the same time.


Within the Case Admin section, of the HR menu, you are able to monitor and examine any existing cases, cases that are due to start soon or any that are overdue. This allows you to find out the current status of each case, as well as being able to send out reminders for any cases that appear to be taking longer than expected to be completed.

By clicking View in line with any case you can see the previous steps of the case, allowing you to monitor its progress so far. The main screen can also be exported into either a .CSV or .XLSX spreadsheet.


To create a new case, follow the steps below;

  • From the HR menu, select Case Admin
  • Click Create New Case
  • Choose the Category and specific template within that category to use
  • Select when you need the case to start
  • Choose whether to create the case for an individual or in bulk, for a whole group and then select the relevant user/group.
  • Decide whether the case will be visible to the subject of the case, if it's a more generic HR topic, such as updating company policy acceptances etc. you might not need them to view it, whereas more sensitive topics might require their visibility*
  • Select the Case Handler** this can either be an individual person or a group. If you select a Group, only users in that group with the "Case Handler" user role permission will be able to take action on the case.
  • Then click Create.

After creating a new case, and dependent on your case template settings, a notification will be sent out via Email and PNS (Push Notification) to the person responsible for the first step of the case. Cases can also be viewed and actioned via the dedicated (FREE to download) iOS and Android applications - however, cases cannot be created from the mobile apps.

*If there are steps in the case template that require a subject's intervention, then the subject will always be able to see the case - this cannot be changed

**Users must have the Case Handler user role permission active on their user role, if they are to be setup as Case Handlers.


Title: Create and apply HR cases
Category: HR
Posted: Wednesday, 13th Jul 2022
By: Callum Ellis
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