Create new staff member

You can add a new staff member to the system either a) individually, or b) via bulk upload using our spreadsheet template, which is recommended if you have more than a handful of staff.

Add staff member manually

  • From the settings menu, choose Users, then "Create New User".
  • Minimum fields required marked with (*) 
    • First name*
    • Last name*
    • Email address*
      This will become the username for the new staff member to access the account, used along with the password specified for access.
    • Password* (the Toggle Hide / Show function will allow you to either hide the password or view the password that has been entered, please note that once a password has been set they will never be displayed, it is only at the point of creating the password can you choose to Show it).
    • Employment Start Date*
    • User Role*
    • Region*
    • Default Group*
  • Account setup
    • Allowance Calendar Year
      Defaulted to the company setup but you can select which month the Users allowances will run / start from (their normal holiday year start). 
    • Working pattern
      A staff member can either be set to work to an existing WORK PATTERN (e.g. Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm) or you can set them NONE and add their work via the WORK PLANNER at a later date
    • Pattern start date
      If you have applied a Work Pattern to this staff member, choose what date you would like it to start from.
    • User role*
      Specify which level of access the new staff member has to the system.  
    • Region*
      Specify a region for the staff member. Setting a region depicts which bank holidays (* and other events) can be assigned to the staff member when using the Events area.
    • Default group*
      This will assign the staff member to this group as well as be able see the group. Once this has been done the group will be their Default Group View when they login to their account.
  • Personal details
    • Staff code, Title, Telephone (Mobile), Telephone (Work) are all optional fields that you can add now or at a later date if you wish. These fields are stored for "information only" purposes.
  • Employment
    • Start date*
      When the staff started employment with the company, could be useful when adding staff to Leave Policies and calculating their allowance.
  • Optional fields / settings
    • Language
      Defaulted to the company setup you can specify the best suited language for the staff member to use the application in.
    • Time zone
      Defaulted to the company setup you can specify the time zone in which the staff member is located.
    • Date format
      Defaulted to the company setup you can specify which format the staff member will see any dates on the system.


Bulk import staff members

  • From the Settings menu, choose Users, then "Create New User", the select the "Bulk import" tab from the left hand side.
  • Click on the "Download Template for your Company" link and save the file to a location on your computer.
  • Complete the spreadsheet with the new staff members details.
    * Important - Please do not change the column names, or the order of the columns or add any additional columns otherwise the system will not recognise the file once uploaded.
  • Minimum fields required marked with (*) 
    • Staff Code
    • Title
    • First name*
    • Last name*
    • Employment Started*
    • Allowance Calendar Year*
    • Working pattern.  -  Select [NONE] if you want to set your working time using the WORK PLANNER
    • Pattern Start Date - Not Applicable if working pattern is [NONE]. Otherwise ensure you select the correct DAY the pattern starts on (Not always a Monday!)
    • User role* - Select from the available User Roles that have been setup on your account
    • Region* - Select from the available Regions that have been setup on your account 
    • Default Group* - Select from the available Groups that have been setup on your account
    • Email Address* - Enter the Users email address, used as a Username along with the Password to enable to staff member to log into the WhosOffice system.
    • Password* - Used along with the email address to allow the staff member to log in.   
  • What will be set by default (according to the company setup)
    • Language
    • Time zone
    • Date format

If you need any further assistance with creating new staff members please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

Title: Create new staff member
Category: General
Posted: Friday, 03rd Jan 2014
By: Tony Bushell
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