Creating a Calendar Feed

If you have been given the ability to create your own calendar feed, you can set up a link from within your WhosOffice account and then subscribe to this in Outlook / Google calendars. This will show your company’s leave, work, events (public holidays) or a mixture of the three, within your Outlook / Google calendar, based on a number of selections that you can control.


  • After logging in to WhosOffice, click your name at the top right
  • Click My details / settings 
  • On the left, click Feed settings
  • Under the General section, choose the following: 
    • Feed duration - how far in advance / in the past you want information to appear on the calendar 
    • Time zones - whether times appear relevant to your colleagues' location (if they are located in other timezones) 
    • Include work / leave / events - choose which types of information you want to see on the calendar 

Once you have selected the types of information you want to appear on the calendar, the Work / Leave / Events tabs will become available based on your selections and you can specify which group(s)' leave or work should appear

  • If selecting the Work tab, choose whether your working schedule should appear and tick the checkboxes to choose which groups' working times should appear on the calendar 
  • If selecting the Leave tab, choose whether your own leave will appear and tick the checkboxes to choose which groups' leave should appear, as well as which types of leave 
  • If selecting the Events tab, select which category of events will appear (calendar feeds will only show events that apply to you) 

Remember to save before leaving each tab. Please note, you will only be able to view the work / leave of the groups that you are able to SEE when you log in to the WhosOffice platform. Similarly, you can only see the leave types on a calendar feed, that you are permitted to see in WhosOffice.


To subscribe to the feed you have created, go back to the General tab (remembering to save each tab you adjust) and scroll to the bottom. There will be a link next to 'How to access your feed', right-click this link to copy it and then go to your calendar platform to subscribe to it by adding a 'New Internet Calendar / from URL'.


If your staff members are unable to access the above section, you may need to adjust their User Role permissions to ensure that they have access to setup and subscribe to a feed.

  • After logging in to WhosOff, click Settings
  • From the Settings menu click User Roles
  • On the resulting page you will see a list of your existing User Roles
  • Click on the required User Role you would like to Edit
  • On the page following, click on the Permissions tab on the left hand side
  • From here, click on the General tab
  • You can then adjust the Calendar Feed to Yes
  • Then click Save General Permissions.

The above settings can only be altered by an Administrator, therefore if you cannot see the Calendar Feed setup options, you will need to get in touch with your administrator.

Title: Creating a Calendar Feed
Category: Integrations
Posted: Thursday, 03rd Jun 2021
By: Callum Ellis
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