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When setting up your WhosOffice account, there are a number of things you might look to do before you actually roll the system out to your staff. This might include updating shifts and rotas planned in for the coming weeks / months, booking leave entries that have already been taken / submitted for the future, among other things. By managing what notifications are sent out to your staff and when, you are able to control when your staff are told about the system.


One useful tool is being able to completely disable email notifications from being sent out from WhosOffice. This allows you to build up your company's WhosOffice profile, without revealing the system to staff.

  • From the Settings menu click Company
  • Then click on Tools on the left hand side of the screen

On this page, you will immediately see any Groups that have been setup on your account, as well as their current Email Status*. By using the tool on the right hand side of the page, you can change the email status for either a single group, or All Groups.

*A user's email status is determined by what default group they are assigned to - you may want to check this setting for particular users before making any adjustments. If they do not have a default group, they will not be affected by any adjustments made to the email status.

Update Group Email Settings

  • First you'll need to select which Group, or All Groups, you would like to adjust the email settings for.
  • Then, select whether you need to Enable or Disable the email notifications for the selected group(s)

Following these options, click on Submit. 


One of the easiest methods of rolling WhosOffice out to your staff is by using the New Users feature. This allows you to quickly, and easily, send out multiple welcome messages to new staff on WhosOffice. These welcome messages provide each staff member with the information needed to access their account, including;

  • The company's dedicated login URL for WhosOffice
  • Their Username (Email Address)
  • A temporary password*
  • Download links for the iOS and Android mobile applications

To access this feature, you can;

  • From the Settings menu click Company
  • Then click on the New Users tab on the left hand side of the page**

On the resulting page, it will automatically show you a list of all staff currently registered on your WhosOffice account who have not yet logged in. By default all staff will be selected in preparation to send them a welcome message, however this can be changed by either unticking each Send? tick box in line with their name, or by clicking on the Un-Select All Staff option on the right hand side of the page.

You can also choose to view any staff members who have already logged into the system, by ticking the Include Staff Already Logged In? box on the right. This may be because someone may have forgotten their login credentials.

By using the Group option, you can filter the staff members down to either one specific group, or all groups. Therefore you can control who you are sending a welcome message out to, for example you might want to perform a gradual roll out of WhosOffice, rather than releasing it to the entire company altogether. When you are ready and have selected the staff you want to email, click on Send, followed by confirming the on screen dialogue.

*Temporary passwords are used on welcome messages to ensure that the staff member is forced to create themselves a more memorable password when they first login.

**The New Users tab will only be available if at least one Groups email status is set to Enabled. If All Groups have their email status as Disabled, this tab will not be available to use.


Sometimes you don't need to send welcome messages out en-masse, therefore being able to do this individually allows you to assist staff who may have forgotten their login credentials. To do this you can;

From the Settings menu click on Users

Then, locate and click on the required staff members Name

On the left hand side of the page click on Account Settings

Then in the bottom right hand corner of the page (next to the Save button) click on Send Welcome Message - this option is only visible if their email status is set as Enabled.

Importantly, if you make any changes to a staff members email address, you will need to Save these changes before attempting to send them a welcome message.

Title: Email Tools
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Posted: Tuesday, 14th Jun 2022
By: Callum Ellis
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