Getting started with WhosOffice

Please find below our recommended Onboarding process for WhosOffice, if you have any questions please feel free to give our support team a call on 01227 812938.

1. Establish your Company Groups

This is going to be the foundation of your organisation within WhosOffice. This can be accessed via Settings > Company Groups > Create New Group.

2. Import your Public Holidays

This can be done for This Year but also Next Year. This can be accessed via the Events Menu > Events > click Create New Event > then on the left click Import, it is important to set the action as "Stop Allowance Deductions" if Public Holidays do not normally get deducted from your staff leave entitlements.

3. Create Your Pattern Codes (Working Times)

These represent all of the different Working Times that your staff work. These are accessible via the Work Menu > Pattern Codes > Create New Pattern Code.

4. Using Pattern Codes, Create Work Patterns

These will dictate what days / hours a Staff Member is working each day of the week and whether their working week stays the same week in week out. Can be found via Work Menu > Work Patterns > Create New Work Pattern.

5. Setup any Automatic Carryover policies

These will allow your staff to have their Remaining leave entitlements (up to a Maximum amount) carried over into their New Year allocations. These can be found via the Leave Menu > Policies > Create New Leave Policy.

6. Add your staff members via Bulk Upload

This is the biggest step, within Settings > Users > Create New User > Import (on the left hand side), you can download the “Smart Sheet”, this then allows you to quickly import your staff onto the system whilst supplying some of their crucial information i.e. Work Pattern, Default Group, Login Credentials (Email and Password).

The spreadsheet is a “Smart Sheet” because if you have already entered information from steps 1, 3 and 4, then you will be able to quickly allocate this information to your Users after downloading the spreadsheet.

Complete the spreadsheet in your own time and Save It to your desktop. When ready go back to the Import screen (found via Settings > Users > Create New User) and Upload the document.

After you have imported your staff, we would always suggest that you go into Settings > Company Groups, from here you can go into each Group to make sure that everyone can SEE who they are supposed to within the system. This way, when you have rolled out the system, everyone will SEE exactly what you want them to.

7. Add your staff Leave Entitlements

This is going to let your staff book Leave within the system that would normally deduct from their leave entitlement i.e. Holiday. Either go into Settings > Users > click on a User’s name > on the left go to Leave Allowances to supply an individual with their entitlement, or go to Bulk Allowances via the Leave Menu to supply a whole Groups entitlement (of course individual adjustments after this process can also be completed).

8. Assign Approvers to your staff members

As part of the Import process you would have specified who will have Approver rights, now by going into Settings > Users > click on a User’s name > on the left go to Leave Approvers you can supply an individual staff members Approver, or go to Bulk Set Approver via the Leave Menu to supply a whole Groups Approver at once (of course individual adjustments after this process can also be completed).

9. Assign Leave Types to specific Groups

If you are planning on using the Leave area of WhosOffice you will need to setup what types of absence you are looking to record, these can be added via Leave Menu > Leave Types > Create New Leave Type, as part of the creation of a type of leave you are required to choose what Groups have access to it along with what they can do via a combination of See, Request and Notes permissions.

10. Roll out

You’ve got to this stage where you’re ready to roll out. Don’t worry too much about how, because there is a “New User” tool found via Settings > Company, that will let you send out a Welcome message to either a single Staff Member, single Group of staff or the whole company.

The Welcome Message contains their Username (Email Address) and a temporary Password where they will be forced (upon logging in for the first time) to set themselves a more memorable password. The most important on boarding step we can offer you is US. Do NOT struggle, we are here to help you. Whether it’s answering any of your questions or just helping you input data onto the account.

Title: Getting started with WhosOffice
Category: Support
Posted: Monday, 03rd Feb 2020
By: Tony Bushell
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