Leave policies

Very much an Optional part of the system, Leave policies is way to let the system help you manage leave tasks such as Carryover, Accruals etc. 


  • From the Leave menu, select Leave policies, then Create new Leave policy.
  • In the space provided enter a Name and then Select the type, Carry Over, Allowance or Accrual
  • Below this, provide the Allowance Pot that will be affected.
  • Choose the Unit (days or hours) 
  • Select the Year to which this policy will affect
  • Choose when the policy is to be run*
  • Click Save

Once Saved, the other Rules and Users tab will become available.

The Rules tab

Minimum Service length:  is the length of time a person will need to have been employed before they can benefit from the policy. For example, a person may need to have had a minimum service length of 6 months before being allowed any Carry over.

For policy type CARRYOVER:

Max Days to Carryover:  is the maximum amount of allowance they can carryover for this policy. For example you may only allow 5 carry over days

Expire X Days after Year Starts:  is the number of Days in which the user is allowed to use those Days, before they expire.

for policy type ACCRUAL:

Days / Hours to Accrue on Policy Run:  is the value of the allowance to be accrued each time the policy runs  e.g. 1.5 Days for each month 

Max Days / Hours to Accrue:  is the Maximum amount allowed before the accrual process stops. e.g. 25  thereafter the accrual process will not add any more days

for policy type ALLOWANCE:

Allowance:  is the value of the allowance to be added each time the policy runs  e.g. 1.5 Days for each month 

The Users tab

Select the users to which this policy will apply. Users must have the same Allowance Pot and Allowance Unit has the policy otherwise they will not be able to be added onto it (see above).


This tab will only become available if you set the Policy up to be run Manually (see above*).

History (Log)

Allows you to track any changes made to the Policy i.e. Change of Minimum Service Length, The max carryover may have changed.

There is a Leave Policy - Historical Transaction report available giving you the oppurtunity to see how the policy has run and what's been applied to each person, for more information see the Reports knowledge base article.

Title: Leave policies
Category: Leave
Posted: Saturday, 22nd Mar 2014
By: Phil Cross
Direct link: https://www.whosoffice.com/support/knowledgebase/leave-policies

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