Allowance Pots

Allowance Pots are used to manage staff members' different leave allowances, for example, John Smith could have 20 Days of Paid Leave and 5 Days of Unpaid Leave.

Once you have created your pot names, they can then be selected in the Leave Allowances area on the User Record

Create Allowance Pot Name

  • From the Leave menu, select Allowance Pots, then Create new Allowance Pot.
  • In the space provided enter a name for the pot e.g. Paid Leave or Vacation or Annual Leave

When you add an allowance pot for a user, on the user record, at that point you can choose if it will be Hours or Days

You can use multiple Allowance pots to manage different types of leave entitlement such as Holiday/Vacation, Sick days, Unpaid leave.

When you set up your Leave Types, you can select from which ALLOWANCE POT(s) the leave should be deducted from (if applicable) by;

  • From the Leave Menu click Leave Types
  • Click on the Name of a Leave Type i.e. Holiday
  • On the left hand side of the page click the Leave Pots tab, to choose which Allowance Pot(s) you wish allowance to be deducted from when staff use this leave type.

You can also setup multiple allowance pots to a leave type, if you need further assistance with this contact Support.

Title: Allowance Pots
Category: Leave
Posted: Thursday, 20th Mar 2014
By: Phil Cross
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