Leave Types

Create Leave Types that your oganisation uses, e.g. Annual Leave, Meeting, Sickness, Compassionate etc. We set you up with some to get you going, but you can add more or change these to best suit your company.

For each Leave type you can set different options; Whether it affects allowance, from which Leave pot(s) the allowance should be deducted, who can use the Leave Type and which level of approval (if any) the leave type needs.

Tip: Make sure to set who (which groups) can see / use the Leave type otherwise staff may not be able to request it or even see it in the calendar views!


  • From the Leave menu, select Leave Types, then Create new Leave Type.
  • Select a Code which will be displayed in the calendar
  • Enter a name and Select a colour
  • Select  if the leave is given in Hours or Days
  • Then, if the leave type affects Allowance,  select the Allowance pot 
  • Click Save then the other tab options will become available.

After clicking Save you will see an option "Deduct Allowance" appear, here you can set how the leave type will deduct allowance either Based on Working Time or Based on Duration.

  • Based on Working Time - When you submit a leave request, the allowance to be deducted will be based on your Working Time i.e. if you book Monday to Sunday off it will deduct 5 Days if you only work Mon - Fri
  • Based on Duration - When you submit a leave request, the allowance to be deducted is based on the duration of the request and not the working time i.e. if you book Monday to Sunday off it will deduct 7 Days even if you only work Mon - Fri.

The Leave Pots tab

Here you can set which leave pots are associated with this leave type, you can either have 1 allowance pot i.e. Paid Leave or you can have multiple Pots. So that when your staff run out of Paid Leave, Holiday will deduct from the next pot.

**Please Note**

Carryover (if applicable) will be deducted from each pot first. Once all the Carryover, from all pots (if applicable) has been exhausted, the Leave will then be deducted from each pot, again based on the Order of Deductions shown on the Leave Pots page (within the leave type itself).

The Approvals tab

You can set here if the Leave type requires Approval, or mutliple approval (including Chain Approval = 1st Approver then 2nd Approver) and who will receive the emails and notifications. You can also choose whether the leave type can be Auto Approved when your Approvers / Administrators submit leave on a persons behalf or Never allow the requests to be auto approved.

The Restrictions tab

You can restrict the Minimum and Maximum amount of leave a user can request at any one time for the leave type. Also set here the Minimum and Maximum notice period required to request the leave. e.g. You might say you need minimum  7 days notice to request a leave, but not more than 12 months.

The Option tab

Select if Notes must be entered on request, approval or both, or leave as Optional. If you use Group minimum Staffing levels, then check the box if this leave type is to be included. For example Annual Leave would be included, but a leave type such as Meeting would probably not be.

The Groups tab

At the bottom of the screen you can Add the Groups for whom the leave type can be used by, and what permissions they can have.

History (log)

Allows you to keep track of any changes made to the leave type, along with who made the change and when it was changed. You can refer to this page when enquiries are made about the Leave Type.

Title: Leave Types
Category: Leave
Posted: Friday, 21st Mar 2014
By: Phil Cross
Direct link: http://www.whosoffice.com/support/knowledgebase/leave-types

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