My Details / Settings

Under the My Details / Settings section you have 4 tabs available to customise, each can be seen below;


  • Set your Title, First and Last names
  • Enter your basic contact information i.e. Phone Numbers

Account Settings

  • Change your Email Address
  • Choose which Email Format you wish to receive emails in either HTML, Text or Emails Off (turning Emails Off means you wont receive any emails that the system sends out).
  • Create a new, more memorable Password, the Toggle (Hide/Show) options allow you to double check the password before you click Save, of course Passwords are never visible once they have been saved.
  • View the Group that will be displayed by default on any Team Views (this can only be adjusted by the account Administrator).

Location Settings

  • Choose which Language you wish your account to be displayed in (currently only available in English).
  • Set your Time Zone (remember any times you see on the Team Views within WhosOffice will be based on your local time, set here) and Date Format preferences

Feed Settings

This tab will depend on whether the Account Administrator has granted you / your company access to this area. However, the Feed Settings tab allows you to create a Calendar Feed specifically for you, you can choose what Leave, Work and Events you want to display on it as well as the Feed's duration*.

These feeds then allow you to subscribe to Internet Calendars within applications such as Outlook, Google etc. they present read-only information that allow you to view who might be on leave or when your colleagues are next at work without necessarily logging into WhosOffice.

*Feed Duration is how far in advance and previous you can view information on the calendar feed. For example, you could have it set to 6 Months (3 Months Forward, 3 Months Back) this would allow you to view any information you have set to show upto 3 months forward and previous of the current date.

The Feed will only allow you to view information that you have been setup to see within the system i.e. if you cannot view Sickness within the system, you cannot choose to view this on your Feed.

Title: My Details / Settings
Category: General
Posted: Saturday, 22nd Mar 2014
By: Phil Cross
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