My Details / Settings

Under the My Details / Settings section you have 4 tabs available to customise, each can be seen below;


  • Set your Title, First and Last names
  • Enter your basic contact information i.e. Phone Numbers

Account Settings

  • Change your Email Address
  • Choose which Email Format you wish to receive emails in either HTML, Text or Emails Off (turning Emails Off means you wont receive any emails that the system sends out).
  • Create a new, more memorable Password.
  • Set the Group you wish your Calendars to display by default

Location Settings

  • Choose which Language you wish your account to be displayed in.
  • Set your Time Zone and Date Format preferences

Feed Settings

This tab will depend on whether the Account Administrator has granted you / your company access to this area. However, the Feed Settings tab allows you to create a Calendar Feed specifically for you, you can choose what Leave, Work and Events you want to display on it as well as the Feed's duration*.

*Feed Duration is how far in advance and previous you can view information on the calendar feed. For example, you could have it set to 6 Months (3 Months Forward, 3 Months Back) this would allow you to view any information you have set to show upto 3 months forward and previous of the current date.

Title: My Details / Settings
Category: General
Posted: Saturday, 22nd Mar 2014
By: Phil Cross
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