Open Shifts

The Open Shifts tool allows you to send a Group, a list of available shifts within a chosen month or a specific date, these available shifts are taken from the Manning Levels that you have setup and can take into consideration Leave, Events (Bank Holidays) and Overtime. It then allows your staff to opt to work on these days either by their manager adjusting the work planner or by the staff member requesting Overtime.

  • From the Work menu select Open Shifts
  • Using the Select Group drop-down box select which Group you would like to send available Shifts to
  • Then choose which Timeframe you would like to see Open Shifts in, either a Selected Month or a Selected Date
  • Then depending on which Timeframe is chosen, choose the appropriate Month / Date

You then have 3 options, Include Overtime? Include Leave? and Include Events?, here you will be able to take into consideration whether people have booked Leave, Overtime or if there are any Events within the chosen Timeframe.

Clicking Check Shifts will present information on the selections made above and show you any days that you require additional staff, based on your Manning Levels

In line with each date you will be able to check or uncheck any day that you do not want to send out, for example an Open Shift might fall on a Saturday but this Group does not work on a Saturday, also you will see how many staff you Require on each date along with how many staff you actually have working (possibly taking into consideration the Leave, Overtime and Events) and therefore how many shifts you have Available.

On the right hand side you will be able to customise the message you are about to send out to your staff.

Clicking Distribute will generate an Email to each person within the chosen Group.

For more information on how to setup Manning Levels please see the related Knowledge Base article.

Title: Open Shifts
Category: Work
Posted: Thursday, 29th Sep 2016
By: Tony Bushell
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