Pattern codes

Pattern Codes identify a single Shift in a Work Pattern. You can create as many as you require. Each Pattern Code is "Temporary", when one is used in a work pattern for a staff member, the Code can be changed without affecting the staff members' working time.


  • From the Work menu, select Pattern Codes, then Create new Pattern code.
  • Enter a name for pattern code.
  • Provide a letter/number identification e.g. N for Nights (2 digits max.)
  • Below this, provide the Start Time and the End Time
  • Enter a value for the Paid Time - (e.g. Someone who actually works 8 hours, might only get paid for 7.5 and not the 1/2 hour for lunch)

Once you have created your Pattern Codes, you can create your Work Patterns to be used in the WORK PLANNER


They can be used directly in the WORK PLANNER .

*After creating the Pattern Code, the Leave allowance value will be displayed. This requires both a value for Days and Hours bookings and will be pre-populated with the value set in the Paid Time, but can of course be changed if needed. This will dictate how much allowance gets deducted from a staff members leave entitlement should the day be booked off.

The Hours Leave Types value will also dictate a staff members Half Day calculations, for example - 0900 - 1700 is an 8 Hour Day, if you enter 8 Hours in the Hours Leave Types value the Part of a Day duration will be split into 2 parts of 0900 - 1300 and 1300 to 1700.

Title: Pattern codes
Category: Work
Posted: Wednesday, 19th Mar 2014
By: Phil Cross
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