Personnel Records

HR Personnel Records allows you to maintain and update your employee's key information that can help ensure the effectiveness of the company workforce. You even build up their HR profile even further by supplying Training Records, Benefits that the company might offer employees i.e. Life Insurance, Pension schemes and even general documents such as Employee Handbooks.

There are various permissions surrounding who can see what information as well as who can update and maintain Personnel Records, these can all be customised centrally within WhosOffice.


  • From the HR Menu click Personnel Records
  • Then, using the search filters on the left, locate the required member of staff.

Each Personnel Record is broken down into 5 Sub Sections, each of which will be explained in more detail below.


Within the Personal tab you can enter relevant information for this particular employee, this can range from details of their Employment, to personal information like their ethnic background and nationality.


Sometimes, if you are a medium to large company, you might not see each employee every single day. So putting a face to a name helps not only identify the individual, but also makes for a more social platform that everyone enjoys using (although this is not mandatory). The file size is restricted to 30KB and must be either a JPEG/JPG or PNG file type.


  • Name - This information will be driven from their original WhosOffice account setup and cannot be changed through here.
  • Previous Name - Allows you to enter any previous names that the employee was known by
  • Job Title - Enter the employees job title
  • Employment Type - Select the employment type relevant to this employee;
    • Full Time
    • Part Time
    • Agency
    • Freelance, Consultant, Contractor
    • Zero Hours
  • Start Date - This information will be taken from their original WhosOffice account setup, but can be changed from here.
  • End Date - The Employment End Date will determine if their employment has, or is coming, to an end.
  • Department - Enter the Department that they belong to (the list of Departments is taken from any Group that has been setup within WhosOffice that you can SEE)
  • Reports to - This could represent the employee's supervisor, team leader or general manager. This can be different to their Leave / Overtime Approver.


From here you can enter any contact information outside of their work email address as well as any telephone numbers that can be used to contact the employee. The personal email address has no effect on email notifications within the system and / or mobile application.


Within this section you can choose to enter information surrounding the employee's ethnic background, nationality, marital status and even their home address. None of this information is mandatory so does not have to be entered.


Within each staff member's personnel record, you will also have the ability to record and maintain any Emergency Contact information that could be used in the event of a workplace emergency. These details can also be made visible to the employee themselves, or to a wider group of people (in a read-only format) within the Permissions section of each User Role. The Details that can be recorded are as follows;

  • Name of the contact
  • Relationship to the staff member
  • Next of Kin? (as a tick box)
  • Mobile No.
  • Home No.
  • Work No.


Within the Benefits & Memberships section of the personnel records section you will be able to coordinate staff benefits offered within the company, such as cycle to work schemes, gym membership, pension contributions and life insurance plans. Documents can also be attributed to these entries to allow you to centralise information as well as making it visible to the staff member themselves for further clarity.

Information that can be entered can be found below;

  • Reference - this could be a document number / certificate ID
  • Name
  • Doc* - any document uploaded will be presented here that would allow a HR administrator or the staff member themselves (if the permission has been granted) to download the document
  • From - enter when the benefit is valid from
  • To - enter when the benefit expires (this does not need to be completed, if it is continuous i.e. Pension contributions might end when employment is terminated)
  • Reminder - if you have entered a TO date, you can choose for the system to send out a reminder before the benefit / membership comes to an end.
  • Archived - if you choose to archive any information, this will show the date it was archived.

Benefits & Memberships can be made visible to the staff members themselves via their User Role permissions, they will not be able to edit any of this information, but will be able to see and download any documents that have been assigned to each entry.


Throughout the personnel record you are able to record key pieces of information about each member of staff, keeping a complete record of their skills and competencies through a digital training record allows you to find the right people to fill skill gaps.

The following information can be recorded;

  • Name
  • Level - this could highlight the level of training achieved
  • Doc* - any document uploaded will be presented here that would allow a HR administrator or the staff member themselves (if the permission has been granted) to download the document
  • Started - when did the training start
  • Completed - enter the date the training was completed (if this record is being forecasted, you can leave this blank)
  • Expires - When does the certification expire
  • Reminder - if you have entered a expiry date, you can choose for the system to send out a reminder before the training / certification or licence comes to an end.
  • Archived - if you choose to archive any information, this will show the date it was archived

Within the Benefits and Training tabs there are numerous "Status" filters that allow you to review information on a more specific basis i.e. if you just wanted to focus on information that is expiring soon, or pinpoint any expired details.


Whilst documents can be applied to any Benefits or Training records that you supply within the personnel record, you might also want to upload other specific documents onto the staff members profile. These could include Employee Handbooks, Health and Safety policies or even CRB check certificates. Options also include the ability to mark when the document is valid from / to.

Only documents that have been added through this section can be Edited - Documents added via the Document Admin section of the HR menu will need to be edited via that section.

These documents can also be filtered into different categories that are setup by the HR administrator (see our HR Categories article for more information).

**Across the 3 areas (Benefits, Training and Documents), you can only upload a document after you have created the initial record. By clicking Edit in line with the record you have created, you will be able to upload the required document. Document types that are accepted by WhosOffice include - JPEG, JPG, PNG, XLSX, DOC, DOCX, PDF, XLS**

Title: Personnel Records
Category: HR
Posted: Tuesday, 03rd Aug 2021
By: Callum Ellis
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