Progressing a HR Case

Progressing HR cases through WhosOffice can be done by both the Subject (the staff member the case relates to) or by the Case Handler(s). These processes can either be completed through the Desktop application or via the dedicated iOS and Android mobile apps.

Below, you will find out how to perform these actions through the Desktop, for both the Subject and the Case Handler(s).

Don't forget, order to progress cases, Case Handlers need the Case Handler user role permission, which gives them access to the Pending Cases page, and all users will need the My Cases user role permission to progress their own cases as the Subject.


Depending on how cases are setup, you might receive an email and push notification, to your mobile app if you've allowed permissions, stating that you are required to take action on a case.

From the HR menu click Pending Cases.

On the resulting page, you're able to use the search filters on the left hand side of the screen to locate the relevant case(s) you need to process.

Once you've found the appropriate case, you'll then be able to review the following;

  • Name - The name of the case that's outstanding, due soon or currently active.
  • Staff Member - Which person the case relates to
  • Case Handler - Who is currently handling the case
  • Start - When the case started / is due to start
  • Required - When the case should be completed by
  • %Complete - How far along the case completion is
  • Waiting for - Who is currently required to complete a step on the case

You can then click View, in line with the case on the right hand side of the page. On the resulting screen, you'll be able to see the same information as above, but will also have direct access to the steps of the case (on the left hand side).

By clicking on Steps, you can review what's happened previously as well as what's due to be completed, therefore allowing you to take the appropriate course of action.


As the Subject, you can progress any cases that require your intervention by doing the following;

From the HR menu click My Cases.

On the resulting page you'll be able to see the same information as mentioned above, as well as being able to filter through already completed cases, any that are due soon, overdue or any that are active.

By clicking View in line with a case that is currently waiting for your action, you will be able to complete the step accordingly. After completing the step, you will be able to then see if you are required to continue completing the next step, or if your case handler is required to.

At any time you can view the Case Timeline which will give you an overview of everything that has happened on the case so far and who has taken action on it, as well as what is due to be completed.

Don't forget, you can also quickly and seamlessly progress and complete cases via the iOS and Android mobile apps which are FREE to download.

Title: Progressing a HR Case
Category: HR
Posted: Wednesday, 27th Jul 2022
By: Callum Ellis
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