Recurring Leave

As working from home has become more of a normality within businesses around the world, WhosOffice offers different ways of being able to record this in a clear and transparent way. One of these methods is via multiple leave requests being booked into the system to represent that someone is outside of their usual work pattern.

But, recurring leave entries could also be used for other leave events, whereby regular meetings within WhosOffice might get booked.

The Recurring Leave booking tool, found within the Bulk Book Leave tool, allows you (as the Administrator) to easily book these scheduled occurences without needing to book them one by one.

TIP: You may consider creating a new leave type specifically for working from home, to clearly show on the various views within WhosOffice that someone is Working From Home.


From the leave menu, click Bulk Book Leave. Now following the options below, you can select the following;

  • For - Staff Member
  • Staff Member - Select the required User
  • Leave Type - Select the appropriate type of leave
  • Start Date - Select when you would like this occurence to begin from
  • Duration
    • All Day - Useful for just booking the odd day off
    • Specified Times - Useful for booking specific time slots (in 15 minute increments), perhaps for regular meetings etc.
  • Repeat Every* - Select how frequent you would like the occurence to repeat
  • For** - Choose how long you would like this occurence to repeat for
  • Days to include - From here you can select which days of the week the leave occurence affects, using CTRL and click for multiple

*You are only able to select the leave to repeat between 1 and 12 weeks

**The length of time options you are able to run the occurence for, is determined by the Repeat Every value you select, for example;

Choosing to repeat every 1 week allows you to book upto 4 weeks at once, whereas selecting repeat every 12 weeks allows you to book in upto 48 weeks in a single booking.

Then click Prepare.

After clicking prepare, you will be able to review the details that you have chosen to book as well as being presented with any error messages that might indicate the inability to book leave for certain dates i.e. the staff member might already have leave booked on a particular date.

You will also see a KEY on the right hand side of the screen explaining what the columns D, W and A indicate;

  • D - Total duration of the leave booked (including non-working days)
  • W - Total amount of working time included in the booking
  • A - Total amount of allowance deducted for the booking (upon submission)

Once you are happy with the booking details, you can enter any Notes (where applicable) and then click Submit.

TIP: Before completing this booking you might consider disabling the users email notifications, as well as their approvers notifications, as the system will send out emails notifying all relevant parties that the leave has been booked (this does not stop PNS - Push Notifications being sent out to their iOS and Android applications, if they are logged in to those)

In order to cancel this booking, the dates will need to be cancelled individually - one date at a time - via the Leave Admin / My Leave areas.

Title: Recurring Leave
Category: Leave
Posted: Thursday, 03rd Feb 2022
By: Callum Ellis
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