By using Regions you can easily setup your Company Locations around the world (if applicable) and also allow you to manage the different Public / National Holidays in different Countries (or Regions) easier. You can import Public Holidays for a Region / Country and assign your Staff members into their appropriate Region.


  • From the Settings menu, select Regions, then Create new Region.
  • In the space provided enter a Name for the Region (could be a Country or Location) and click Save
  • The Users Tab will then become available on the left to Add Users into the Region.

A User can be in only one Region (this is commonly based on their Country of Work). A Users Region can also be changed in their individual record or on this page by using the "Include Users already assigned to another Region" tick box.

For more information on setting up Events (Public / National Holidays) to a Region see Events.

Title: Regions
Category: General
Posted: Wednesday, 19th Mar 2014
By: Phil Cross
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