In WhosOffice there is an in depth Reports area, which allows you to view specific data that has been entered onto your account. You can either print out the reports in an easy to view format or export them to Excel Spreadsheet, allowing you to further customise the report yourself.

Within the system there are 4 areas of Reports available,

  • General Staff Reports
  • Leave Policy Reports
  • Staff Yearly Reports
  • Task - Summary (Yearly)

Each Report can be customised using filters to specify what information you would like to view on the Report, these can be viewed for a particular staff member, Group or Selected Groups, below is a brief description of what Reports can be found on WhosOffice.

General Staff Reports

When running General Staff Reports, you can do this for either a Group (or multiple Groups) or a specific individual, the following report types will be available to you.

  • Summary Leave Report - This will show you summarised totals of the amount of leave that staff have requested / taken over a certain period of time
  • Breakdown Leave Report - This report will detail each individual leave request (for the types of leave you choose) that staff have requested / taken within a certain period of time
  • Bradford Factor Report - The Bradford Factor report can be used to examine the impact of absence using the Bradford Score, this should be used for guideline purposes only and all figures should be examined further.
  • Cancelled / Declined Leave Report - This will detail any leave that has been cancelled by staff / approvers or declined by their Approver
  • Summary Work Report - Allows you to view summarised totals of the work that has been planned / completed within a specific time period.
  • Breakdown Work Report - Shows you a detailed view of work that staff have completed or work that has been planned within a specific period
  • Summary Overtime Report - This will show you summarised totals of the amount of overtime that staff have requested / taken over a certain period of time
  • Breakdown Overtime Report - This report will detail each overtime request, (for the types of overtime you choose), that staff have requested / taken within a certain period of time
  • Allowance Summary Report - Shows you an overview of the amount of any allowance(s) that staff started their holiday year with, along with how much they have left, it can also show Carryover amounts (if applicable)
  • Allowance Usage Report - Shows you how much Allowance staff have actually used, instead of including booked in advance leave, up to a certain date within their Holiday Year.
  • Staff Directory Report - Allows you to find out information about a specific User / Group of Users, such as their email address, leave approvers, overtime approvers etc.
  • Skills / Competencies Report - Shows you what Competencies / Skills have been assigned to users within the company (you must be using Competencies and Skills to view information on this page.

Leave Policy Report

Within the Leave Policy reports area, you can quickly find out when and what will happen the next time a leave policy runs. You can also see what happened the last time a policy ran (leave policies can be setup to automatically process Carryover or Monthly Allowance Accruals).

  • Historical Transaction - Look back at what previously happened the last time a policy ran, including any historical information since the policy was created, or within a specific date range.
  • Next Run Forecast - Look ahead to what is going to happen the next time a policy runs.

Staff Yearly Reports

Staff Yearly Reports allow you to, at a glance, check on specific staff members overall records including Work, Leave and Overtime. More specifically you can also access Allowance logs that show detailed breakdowns of events that are associated with a user's allowances.

  • Summary - This presents a Yearly Summary for a specific staff member within the company, giving you a total amount of leave (broken down by leave type) taken / booked within the year as well as their allowances. It also shows you what Work has been planned for them and how much Overtime they have completed within this time frame.
  • Leave Breakdown - This report shows you what leave the staff member has requested and taken within a specific year, it will detail the requests individually whilst also showing you any Notes that were submitted by the staff member and their Approver(s).
  • Allowance Log -  This report will detail any transactions that affect a specific Allowance Pot for a single staff member at a time, this gives you further insight into why a staff members Opening / Remaining Balances are showing the current information.

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Posted: Thursday, 22nd May 2014
By: Phil Cross
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