Request leave

from the Leave Menu

click Request Leave

If you are an Administrator, or have been given the necessary permissions, you may be able to Add leave for other staff members.  

If you have the permission to submit leave for other staff then, once you select the required staff member, you can choose to "Ignore Warnings", this will bypass any Restrictions** and Approvals needed and enter the leave directly into the system (This will still deduct allowance, if of course the leave type deducts from staff allowances, and could potentially take the staff member into Minus allowance)

  • Select the User (skip this if you are requesting leave for yourself)
  • Select the Leave Type
  • Choose the Start Date and Duration
  • Click check Request

If your company uses the Approval process it will run according to the settings on the Leave type (either single approver or multiple approval, including "chain" approval)

Allowance will be deducted (if applicable) at the time of submitting a leave request regardless if it goes into a Pending state or Approved.

If there are no Leave types available this may be because:

a) The Leave type is not available to the GROUP(S) that you or the user are in   -  

  • Check the Leave Type from Leave Menu
  • Click Leave Types
  • Click the Name of the required Leave type
  • On the left click the Groups tab or contact an Account Administrator.

b) You or the Staff Member may not have the correct Allowance Pot that the chosen Leave Type relates to   -   

  • Check the Users Allowance from Settings Menu
  • Click Users, then find and select the relevant User
  • On the left click the Leave Allowances Tab or contact an Account Administrator. 

**Although "Ignore Warnings" bypasses any system Restrictions or Rules, you / an Approver will still see any Warnings relevant to the Restriction.

Title: Request leave
Category: Leave
Posted: Wednesday, 05th Mar 2014
By: Tony Bushell
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