Request Leave

Requesting leave is one of the basic fundamentals of using WhosOffice, this will help to highlight how to run this process both as a staff member, and as an Administrator.

  • From the Leave Menu
  • click Request Leave

If you are an Administrator, or have been given the necessary permissions, you may be able to Add leave for other staff members.  

  • Select the User (skip this if you are requesting leave for yourself)
  • Select the Leave Type
  • Choose the Start Date
  • Then select a Duration option, these can be seen below;
    • All Day - Useful for just booking the odd day off
    • Single Shift: e.g. Saturday 9th May 1800 - Sunday 10th May 0600 - This makes booking a shift off even easier for Night Shift workers instead of using the All Day option*
    • Part of a Day - only available when the start date is a working day, this splits your working day in 2 parts i.e. AM or PM
    • Greater than one Day - Useful for booking a week off or just a couple of days
    • Greater than one Day, Between times - Useful for booking a week off but starting during the day i.e. You might leave work on 10th at 1230 and the last day of your leave might end on 15th at 1800
    • Specified Times - Useful for booking specific time slots (in 15 minute increments), perhaps for Meetings, Doctors etc.
    • Multiple Shifts - This option allows a user to book off multiple night shift bookings in one go, without having to worry about specific times that their shift covers.*
  • Click check Request

*These options will only appear for users who have selected the Start Date that falls on the start of their Night Shift.

If you have selected Multiple Shifts, you will then need to specify the no. of shifts that you would like to book off.

If your company uses the Approval process it will run according to the settings on the Leave type (either single approver or multiple approval, including "chain" approval)

Allowance will be deducted (if applicable) at the time of submitting a leave request regardless if it goes into a Pending state or Approved.

When you submit leave on behalf of a staff member (as an Administrator or user with additional Permissions) when you click Check Request the system will display any warnings that it thinks you should be aware of i.e. there is a rule setup on the Mininum Number of people that need to be in on any given day within this users group, although the system displays these warnings you will be able to ignore them by proceeding to submit the request**.

**This is based on you having the appropriate permissions to do so.

If there are no Leave types available this may be because:

  • The Leave type is not available to the GROUP(S) that you or the user are in, this would involve getting the Administrator to check what Leave Types are currently available to you and make any adjustments where necessary.
  • You or the Staff Member may not have the correct Allowance Pot that the chosen Leave Type relates to, the Administrator would then need to check your allowances to ensure everything is setup correctly to allow you to submit the correct time off, or you might have the correct allowance pot but wrong Unit i.e. Days / Hours.

When you submit a leave request, an email is automatically generated and sent to you and your approver (depending on the leave type settings), it will also generate a Push Notification onto their Mobile Application for WhosOffice (as long as they have downloaded the app and logged in on their device)***.

***Push notifications inform the user on their device via the WhosOffice application (iOS and Android) of any leave requests / approvals that they have made or require their approval . Notifications options are set by the individual via their device. 

Title: Request Leave
Category: Leave
Posted: Wednesday, 05th Mar 2014
By: Tony Bushell
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