Request Leave via Mobile

Need to request some leave? Follow these simple steps;

  • Ensure you are logged into your account
  • Use the Navigation bar at the bottom of the Dashboard and press Leave.
  • Then press Request Leave, there are 3 Steps to completing this process;

    • Select the Leave Type you would like to book by pressing the drop-down.
    • Enter the Start Date of the request
    • Select the required Duration of the leave;

      • All Day - Useful for just booking the odd day off
      • Single Shift: e.g. Saturday 9th May 1800 - Sunday 10th May 0600 - This makes booking a shift off even easier for Night Shift workers instead of using the All Day option*
      • Part of a Day - only available when the start date is a working day, this splits your working day in 2 parts i.e. AM or PM
      • Greater than one Day - Useful for booking a week off or just a couple of days
      • Greater than one Day, Between times - Useful for booking a week off but starting during the day i.e. You might leave work on 10th at 1230 and the last day of your leave might end on 15th at 1800
      • Specified Times - Useful for booking specific time slots (in 15 minute increments), perhaps for Meetings, Doctors etc.
  • Click Check Request

Then review the information you have provided, you may also want to provide a Note for the leave request. Finally press "Submit Request".

The leave request will then be sent to your approver for approval (if required) and will deduct allowance based on the leave type settings (if applicable).

*This option will only appear for users who have selected the Start Date that falls on the start of their Night Shift.

Title: Request Leave via Mobile
Category: Leave
Posted: Tuesday, 05th Mar 2019
By: Callum Ellis
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