Request Leave Mobile

Need to request some leave? Follow these simple steps;

  • Ensure you are logged into your account
  • Use the Navigation bar at the bottom of the Dashboard and press "Leave".
  • Then press "Request Leave"
  • There are 3 Steps to completing this process;
  1. Select the "Leave Type" you would like to book by pressing the drop-down.
  2. Enter the "Start Date" of the request
  3. Select the required "Duration" of the leave;
    • All Day
    • Part of a Day 
    • Greater than one Day 
    • Greater than one Day, Between times
    • Specified Times
  • Click "Check Request"

Then review the information you have provided, you may also want to provide a Note for the leave request. Finally press "Submit Request".

Title: Request Leave Mobile
Category: Leave
Posted: Tuesday, 05th Mar 2019
By: Callum Ellis
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