User Roles

User Roles define what areas of the system Users can access.  

A User Role enables you to set up Permissions / Access to certain areas of the system. You then assign that Role to a User. This way, it's easy to give a group of similiar users the same permissions.

If you have a user that you want to give a particular set of permissions i.e. Access to the Invoicing and Payments area for your accounts Department, you will need to create a New Role for that particular user and if in the future another user needs those same permissions, you can just assign them to the same role. (You wont need to recreate the role)

To create a Role you can follow the steps below;.


  • From the Settings menu, select User Roles, then Create new Role.
  • In the space provided enter a name for the Role.
  • Now click Save
  • Next click the Permissions tab to select the level of permissions you want to set for each area of the system.

For more information on setting / assigning permissions to each User Role you can use the Permissions knowledge base article.

Title: User Roles
Category: General
Posted: Thursday, 20th Mar 2014
By: Phil Cross
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