Rules let you define some Restrictions against staff members and Minimum / Maximum Group Levels that help to manage leave more effectively.

There are 2 types of Rules one for Staff and one for Groups.  

In a Staff type Rule, you can manage Restrictions between Staff. For Example you might set that Person A cannot be Off when person B is off*. Or you can set a Staff to Group Restriction. For example, Staff Member A cannot be off at the same time as the Finance Group.

*Just remember that when you create a Staff to Staff Restriction - it is only one way, if you need to restriction to be applied the other way you will need to setup an additional Rule.

In a Group type Rule, you can set Group Minimum or Maximum Levels. For example you might have a group called Operations - and the Minimum Staffing Level is that 5 staff members must be in work on any given day, Or you can set a Group to Staff Restriction. For example, Finance cannot be off at the same time as Staff Member A.


  • From the Settings menu, select Rules, then Create new Rule.
  • Select the Rule type, Staff or Group
  • Depending on the type, you can Select either the person or Group
  • If it's a Group Rule, you can set the Minimum (minimum required in the group) and Maximum (maximum number of people off) levels
  • Set the action to take. The system can either just refuse the request or you can let the staff members Approver Decide.

Dont forget, if you use the GROUP staffing levels, you need to ensure you have set those Leave Types that are to be included in staffing level checks. To make a Leave Type be included into any Rule that you setup you can,

  • From the Leave Menu click Leave Types
  • Find and click on the required Leave Type Name
  • On the Left click the Options tab
  • Under "Include in Min/Max Group Levels" tick the tick box and click Save.

This Leave Type will now be included in any checks when leave is booked in case it clashes with any setup Rules. 

Min Group Levels are also reflected on the Work Planner when looking at Manning Levels. If you setup a Min. Group Level rule for a particular Group that you need at least 5 people in the office on any given day, it will apply that Rule to Manning Levels on the Work Planner for each day of the week.

Title: Rules
Category: Leave
Posted: Saturday, 22nd Mar 2014
By: Phil Cross
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