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The Work Planner is a really flexible tool to help plan and enter your Staff Shifts and Rotas - with the flexibility to swap shifts and enter regular patterns of work.

You can easily see the numbers of staff members per Day and also the total hours they would work if they were to complete the schedule.

Having access to the Work Planner is based on your User Role, an Administrator (or someone with access to User Roles) can assign the Work Planner to your Role to allow you to use this tool.


  • From the Work menu, select Work Planner

You need to have entered some Staff members and be looking at a Group which have staff members in them.

To set individual work schedules / rotas / working times

Find the User and click in the Date cell for when their working time/shift/rota will START

  • From the Select Option menu  choose Set Pattern
  • Select the relevant pattern (that you have already created)
  • Choose a Specific End Date or No End Date
  • Click Confirm.

For the staff member you want to plan,  just Left Click in the relevant Date cell  - You will then have an option to enter either Single Day entries or set a Work Pattern for the staff member up to a specific point in time or indefinitely. 

Right Click on the relevant Date cell and you will see a quick option to add a Single Day entry for a specific date.


Within the "Show Totals" drop-down box there are 3 additional pieces of information that you can choose to view whilst you are planning shifts / rotas, or even just making ad hoc adjustments. These include; 

  • Shift Count / Hours - This will display the total number of Hours and Shifts that have been planned for each staff member within the currently selected Group (on the right hand side), it will also break down what shifts have been allocated and how many people have been assigned to each different type of shift during the selected month (along the bottom of your page).
  • Competencies / Skills - Within the system you can attach Competencies and Skill levels to certain individuals i.e. Level 3 Engineer, Senior Ward Nurse, these can then be viewed on the Work Planner which can help you quickly see at a glance whether you have the right people working at the right times
  • Manning Levels - In a similar view to the Shift Count / Hours option, Manning Levels show you how many people have been allocated to each different type of shift on each day of the selected month, but you can also set a total number of required staff to be working on each day of the month, then the system will display a "traffic light" system to ensure that you are on top of demand.
    • Green - You have met your staffing demand needs for this day
    • Amber / Orange - You are over your staffing demand needs for this day
    • Red - You are below your staffing demand needs for this day

These manning levels take into consideration Leave, Overtime and Events.

Manning Levels then enable you to use other tools available within the system, such as Open Shifts, you can read more on Open Shifts by viewing the appropriate knowledge base article.


You can also show any Leave or Overtime that your staff members have already requested, along with any Events (Bank Holidays) that might be occurring within the selected month. These are represented by a coloured corner on each cell;

  • Top right will show Leave
  • Top left shows any Events i.e. Bank Holidays
  • Bottom right will display any Overtime

By clicking on any particular cell, that is showing a coloured corner, you will see a breakdown of all occurrences on that particular day.


An Admin person working 0900-1730 every working day i.e. Monday to Friday.  (This is a default working pattern created when you sign up.)
Choose this pattern and select "No End Date".  This is because, for the foreseeable future, this person will always work these days and times.

A Shift person working 4 days on, 4 days off.
If this shift pattern is just valid until, say 3 months ahead and may change, you can choose a Specified End Date and the pattern will run til then.


There are 3 ways you can extract the data you have entered on the Work Planner.

Print Plan - This option will print whatever is being displayed on screen at the time i.e. If you have chosen to show the Shift / Count Hours option this will print along with all shifts / staff that are currently being displayed.
Publish Work Plan (PDF) - This option will present you with a link where you can download a PDF version of the Work Planner. It will display the Staff Members and their Shift Times on any planned working day, it will pick up on the colour scheme of each Pattern Code that has been applied to the user. 
Export Data - From here you can export whatever is being displayed on screen at the time to either .XLSX or .CSV allowing you to potentially make adjustments to the format or display where necessary.

Title: Work Planner
Category: Work
Posted: Thursday, 20th Mar 2014
By: Phil Cross
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