Setting up an Approver and Allowances

Not everyone on WhosOffice can be set as an Approver, in the first instance to become an Approver they first need to be under a USER ROLE that has the Pending Leave Permission. An Administrator will be able to intially setup who has the "Approver" User Role. Once this has been done they can allocate Approvers to specific Users from within the Users profile (See Below) and also choose what each Approver can do.

Each person can have upto 2 Approvers and (via the Leave Type settings) you can decide what level of Approval a Leave Type requires i.e. No Approval, Single or Multiple Approval or even a Chain Approval (A specific order of approval - first then second approver).


To allocate an approver to a staff member you can,

  • From the Settings Menu, Click Users
  • Select the users Name, the search filters along the top of your page may help you locate the user quicker
  • Click the Leave Approvers tab on the left
  • Select who Approver 1 will be, and Approver 2 (if required)
  • Choose the CAN* permission the approver has

*The CAN permissions allow you to give the Approver additional options when managing this persons leave and absence.

  • Approve and Decline Only - Standard Permissions only allowing the approver to Approve and Decline leave
  • Approve, Decline and Add - Allows the Approver to Add Leave on behalf of this staff member as well as Approve and Decline leave
  • Approve, Decline, Add, Edit and Cancel - Allows the Approver to Add, Edit and Cancel Leave on behalf of this staff member as well as Approve and Decline leave.

Please note that the Add permission does not allow the Approver to override any system restrictions whilst booking leave i.e. Approval processes or Past leave bookings, the approver will need access to Leave Management (for Approvers) or the Leave Admin permission if they need to override these settings, these permissions can be assigned on their User Role (see Permissions Knowledge Base Artcile for more), likewise with the Edit and Cancel extra permissions.

You can also include people to be notified, for example somebody in HR. In the Notifiers field on the Leave Approvers page, You can add as many email addresses as you need, separated by a semi colon ( ; )


In order to setup allowances for a staff member you can,

  • From the Settings Menu, Click Users
  • Select the users Name
  • Click the Leave Allowances Tab on the left
  • Choose which Allowance Pot and Unit (Days or Hours) the allowances are in
  • Select what allowance year
  • Then enter what the allowances are, of course if you are at the beginning of your Holiday Year you might expect to enter 20 in both the Opening and Remaining Balances, for example, this then allows you to update their leave record and have allowances deduct correctly.

The staff member will then be able to request leave using any leave types that are available to them, dependant on the Groups they are in and the allowances that they have been allocated (you can check the Groups they are in by going to Groups on the left hand side whilst viewing a users profile).


Title: Setting up an Approver and Allowances
Category: Leave
Posted: Friday, 24th Apr 2015
By: Callum Ellis
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