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On WhosOffice staff members can submit Overtime if they have worked on their days off or if they worked more than their normal working hours.

If you are an Administrator, or have been given the necessary permissions, you may be able to Add overtime for other staff members.  

To Submit Overtime;

  • From the Overtime menu click Submit Overtime, there are 4 steps to follow to allow you to submit Overtime;
    • Select the User (skip this if you are requesting overtime for yourself)
    • Select the required Overtime Type from the Overtime Type drop-down
    • Choose the specific Date
    • Enter the Start Time
    • Then the desired Duration*
  • Finally you have the oppurtunity to enter any Notes that you may want to add to the request for your Approver.
  • Click Submit Overtime.

*Some Overtimes types can be setup with fixed Duration options, these will be predefined by your system Administrators within your company.

If your company uses the Approval process it will run according to the settings on the Overtime type (either single approver or multiple approval, including "chain" approval), any allowance or paid time reimbursements will be confirmed back to you once the request is approved (where applicable).

When you submit a overtime request, an email is automatically generated and sent to you and your approver (depending on the overtime type settings), it will also generate a Push Notification onto their Mobile Application for WhosOffice (as long as they have downloaded the app and logged in on their device)**

**Push notifications inform the user on their device via the WhosOffice application (iOS and Android) of any overtime requests / approvals that they have made or require their approval .Push Notification options are set by the individual via their device. 

Create Overtime Types that you can make available to your staff members. Overtime can be used to reimburse a staff member with Lieu Time or as a record for payment purposes. For each type, you can customise the preferences to best suit your companies requirements i.e. Which Allowance Pot it attributes to (if any), what the Overtime Rate is, who has access to the Overtime Type etc.




  • From the Overtime Menu, select Overtime Types
  • Click Create New Overtime Type
  • Enter the Code and Name
  • Choose what type of Reimbursement to have Allowance or Paid
  • Enter the Overtime Rate e.g 1.5 (time and a half)
  • Select which Allowance Pot if any the Overtime is attributed to.
  • Click Save and you will have access to the other tabs.


The Approvals Tab allows you to set what level (if any) of Approval is needed for this Overtime. You can also setup which emails and notifications will be sent out to who.


The Options Tab allows you to set whether the Overtime requires Notes and when to submit the Notes i.e. On Request and Approval.


The Groups Tab allows you to set which Groups have access to the Overtime Type and what permissions they have. For example, you can set some Groups to be able to See the Overtime Type but not Request it.





Title: Submit Overtime
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Posted: Friday, 19th Sep 2014
By: Callum Ellis
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