Submit Overtime via Mobile

Ensure you are logged into your account

  • Use the Menu Bar at the bottom of the Dashboard and press "Overtime"
  • Then press "Submit Overtime"
  • There are 4 steps to complete in order to submit overtime
    • Select the required "Overtime Type"
    • Select the "Start Date" and time using the on screen prompts
    • Then select the "Start Time"
    • Followed by selecting the "Duration" (in Hours and Minutes)*
  • At this stage you can also supply any notes to accommodate this request
  • Once you have checked and are happy with the details, click on "Submit Overtime"

The system will confirm when the request has been submitted and will be sent, by email, to your approver for approval (if required) and will reimburse you with Allowance or Paid Time based on the overtime type settings (where applicable).

*Some Overtimes types can be setup with fixed Duration options, these will be predefined by your system Administrators within your company.

Title: Submit Overtime via Mobile
Category: Overtime
Posted: Thursday, 14th Mar 2019
By: Callum Ellis
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