Work Views

Work Views are a great way to see who's at work, either across the team over a period of time or an individual day, or you can even see a specific staff member's whole year. And the print option lets you print out the Shift / Rota for the Fridge!

*Any times shown on the Work Views will be shown in Your Local Time*.


With Team View you can see all users or a selected groups of users (use the Groups drop down to include or exclude groups)

Set the Start Date and End Date  and then click SHOW WORK   -  use your scroll bar in your browser, to view all the dates across the page

The default Dates are set for the month that you are currently in, and you can use the Next / Prev Month to view the following or previous months.


With Calendar View  you can see all users, or selected groups of users for a Month  


With Daily View  you can see all users, or selected groups of users for Day, showing the individual times. 


With Yearly View  you can see an individual staff member Work calendar for the whole year

Work and leave team view

With Work and Leave Team View, you are able to view not only work on a monthly calendar but Leave and Events also, this allows you to check to see who's in work and who's booked leave in greater detail.

Title: Work Views
Category: Work
Posted: Wednesday, 19th Mar 2014
By: Phil Cross
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