Work and Leave Views

Within WhosOffice there are numerous views that offer a transparent overview of what's going on across the business. Whether you're looking to find out when people are working, on leave or even when the next company event (public holidays) are happening.

Below you'll find a breakdown of what views are available, and what information they can present.


With the Work and Leave Team View you will get a comprehensive overview of everything that WhosOffice allows you to track. From here you can view Working Time, Leave requests, Public Holidays as well as any Overtime that's been worked across the company.

Using the two date fields you can either specify an up to 3 month at a time period to look at, or be very specific and choose to view over a week at a time. You can also filter the page by Group(s) and even choose to view any combination of;

  • Work
  • Leave
  • Events (Public Holidays)
  • Overtime

This is by far the best view to look at on WhosOffice.


The Work and Leave Daily view, offers all of the above information and transparency, but on a day by day basis. Allowing you to quickly scan across multiple groups, who is in the office on a particular day of the week/month.


Sometimes you just want to focus on who's at work. The Work Team View is perfect for doing just that. This view can also be shown for an upto 3 month at a time glance into what's going on, or even on a more specific view of a period of time. You can also choose to show the actual times that are being worked, as opposed to viewing the Codes that represent a working day, giving you more insight into what's going on.


With Calendar View you can see all users, or selected groups of users' working time for a Month at a time.


With Daily View you can see all users, or selected groups of users for Day, showing the individual times. 

Please note that on any of the Work specific views, if leave has been booked, working time will be hidden from view where appropriate.


With Yearly View  you can see an individual staff member Work calendar for the whole year


Like the Work Team View, the Leave Team View allows you to focus solely on who's on leave and when. This is quite a common view when you're trying to investigate the impact of annual leave on a particular Group, or even across the wider business. This page can even be filtered to showing just who's booked leave, rather than seeing everyone on the same page (though being able to see everyone does have it's benefits, if you needed to arrange cover!)

Title: Work and Leave Views
Category: Work
Posted: Wednesday, 19th Mar 2014
By: Phil Cross
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