Work Attributes

Work Attributes

Work Attributes allow you to enter particular working descriptions / instructions for your staff members on any given working day. Attributes can consist of things such as - Conference at London Excel or Health and Safety training course.

To create some Attributes you can.

  • From the Work Menu click Work Attributes
  • Click Create New Attribute
  • Enter the Name / Description and click Save
These created Attributes will then be able to use on any given working day in the Work Planner. 
To apply some attributes to a staff members working time you can,
  • From the Work Menu click Work Planner
  • Use the Group drop-down box to select your required staff members
  • Click on a required Date Cell where a staff member has working time

Left Click on a Date Cell - use the Select Option drop-down and choose Set / Alter Attribute to apply or change an existing Attribute relevant to this working time. 
Right Click on a Date Cell - click the drop-down box to select or adjust an Attribute relevant to this working time.

Title: Work Attributes
Category: Work
Posted: Wednesday, 11th Feb 2015
By: Callum Ellis
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