Work Distribution

Work Distribution allows you to send either an individual Staff Member or a whole Group their Working time from 1 Month upto 6 Months. This allows them to be able to print it off so that they can plan ahead if they want to take leave.

From the Work menu select Work - Distribution

  • Using the Distribute To drop-down box select either Group or Staff Member
  • Then depending on your choice select the Group or Staff Member to send their Work to.
  • Select the Month you wish to start from
  • Then the number of Months you want to send then and click Prepare Distribution

Clicking Prepare Distribution will present information on the selections made above i.e. the selected Staff Member(s) and Email Addresses.

Then on the right hand side of the screen you will be able to choose the Format of the Schedule, this can either send your staff their Individual Record in Planner View or as a Detailed view showing specific detail on each working day. You can also choose to send a Team Schedule to each staff member within a Group, allowing your staff to see when their colleagues are working also. 

You also have the option to customise the message that is sent along with the Schedule.

Title: Work Distribution
Category: Work
Posted: Friday, 14th Nov 2014
By: Callum Ellis
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