Events are calendar entries that are related to your staff. These can consist of such things as Public Holidays, Company Stock taking days or just Informational Events for your company.

Events will show in the Work & Leave - Team / Daily Views as well as an Events - Calendar View. They are primarily used to represent Public Holidays which can be setup to not deduct allowance from leave requests or maybe to setup Restricted Days to ensure that staff do not book days off when they are required to be at work (e.g. Stock Taking Day).

Events can be applied to either a Group(s) or a Region(s), but not a mix of both.

Generally you create specific Events individually, which is great if there is a unique / specific Public Holiday within a certain country (Region), or if you are creating a company day. However, you can also Import Country and Region specific Public Holidays.


  • From the Events menu, select Events, then Create new Event on the right hand side.
  • In the spaces provided enter a Code and Name for the Event i.e. ST and Stock Take
  • Below this, enter the Start Date and Duration
  • Select the Event Type*, which is either; 
    • Free Day (National holidays etc)
    • Restricted Day 
    • Information only
  • Then select the Action.
  • After clicking Save, you can then go to either the Groups or Regions tabs on the left to apply this Event to one or multiple Group or Region.

The "ACTION" will define what the system will do should a leave request be submitted across one of these Events. There are 3 types of Action:

  • None =  no action will be taken, commonly associated with "Information only" type events
  • Stop Allowance deductions - The system will not deduct any allowance where a leave request includes this date. (usually associated with the type "Free Day, Bank Holiday")
  • Stop all leave requests - The system will not allow a leave request for a period including this date (usually associated as a Restricted day)

*Event Types will show up differently on the various views where they appear. The Free Day, Bank Holiday type will show instead of any Work that has been planned on the Work & Leave - Team View. However, Restricted Days and Information Only events will show as well as any Work. Leave will also be shown as well as the Event regardless of the type.


  • From the Events menu, select Events, then Create new Event on the right hand side.
  • On the left click Import
  • Select the Country where you would like to import public holidays from i.e. United Kingdom (if your country does not appear in this list you will need to add your Public Holidays individually).
  • Some countries will have different public holidays for different areas of the country, therefore you may see a Select Region drop-down appear, select which Region you would like to import from i.e. England (within the United Kingdom)
  • Now select which Year you would like to import for.
  • Import To - Selected Region(s) or Selected Group(s)
  • Then tick all required Region(s) or Group(s)
  • Finally select the Action (as per the above descriptions)
  • Then click Import Dates.

Any Events that get added/removed with the Action = Stop Allowance Deductions, will automatically update any leave requests affected by the Event and refund/deduct any balance where appropriate, approx. 1 hour after the Event is applied. You do not need to manually amend any leave requests.

This process is a lot quicker than entering Public Holidays individually, but you will be required to manually add public holidays if they do not appear in our list.

Title: Events
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Posted: Friday, 21st Mar 2014
By: Phil Cross
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