Events are calendar entries that are related to your staff for example, Public Holidays, Company Stock taking days or just Informational Events for your company.

Events will show in the Calendars and can be used to ensure Public Holidays are not deducted from leave requests or to ensure that staff do not book days off when they are required to be at work (e.g. Stock Taking Day)

You can also use Events for information purposes.

We give you three Types of possible Events to be created:  "Information only", "Free day, Bank Holiday" and "Restricted day".

The Free Day, Bank Holiday type will show instead of any Work that has been planned on the Work & Leave - Team View. However, Restricted Days and Information Only events will show as well as any Work. Leave will also be shown as well as the Event regardless of the type.

The "ACTION"  will define what the system will do. There are 3 types of Action:

None =  no action will be taken = Commonly associated with "Information only" type events

Stop Allowance deductions = The system will not deduct any allowance where a leave request includes this date. (usually associated with the type "Free Day, Bank Holiday"

Stop all leave requests  =  The system won't allow a leave request for a period including this date (usually associated as a Restricted day)

Events can be applied to either GROUPS or by a REGION, but not a mix of both.


  • From the Events menu, select Events, then Create new Event.
  • In the space provided enter a Code and Name for the Event
  • Below this, enter the Start Date and Duration
  • Select the Event Type, which is either Free Day (National holidays etc), Restricted, or Information only
  • Then select the Action. The Action defines what will happen when a Leave request is received which includes this day. (e.g. for Free Days  it might be Stop Allowance Deductions)

Tip: Dont forget to set the Region or the Group that you want this event to be applicable to.

There is an option to import National/Public Holidays directly in to your account. Ensure you have selected the dates, the dates are correct for your region or group and also that the action required has been selected.

Title: Events
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Posted: Friday, 21st Mar 2014
By: Phil Cross
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