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Apple drops support for iPhone 6 users, this may affect your WhosOffice app

You may have noticed that the requirements for the WhosOffice app have changed to iOS 13.0 or later. Apple specifications state that as of 30th June 2020, all applications submitted or updated to the App Store must be running on iOS 13 or above, so we have had to make some changes.
By Bradley Revell

5 remote working HR challenges – and how to overcome them

2020 has changed the way we work forever, with the global COVID-19 pandemic prompting a sudden, mass switch to remote working. On the whole, businesses adapted quickly to this new structure, and 4 in 10 employees would like to work from home more often after the threat of coronavirus subsides.

By Phil Cross

What does the NHS Long Term Plan to introduce e-rostering by 2021 mean for healthcare shift planning?

The UK takes huge pride in our national healthcare system, but there’s no escaping the fact that changes must be made to secure its long-term future. In 2016, Lord Carter, Non-Executive Director of the NHS Executive Group, conducted a landmark survey, reviewing current efficiency levels in hospitals to see where large savings could be made.
By Tony Bushell

The healthcare system

The public value of the UK’s healthcare system has never been higher. 2020 has thrown new and inconceivable challenges at the NHS, and all medical and administration staff are working their absolute hardest to provide first-class care for patients across the country.
By Tony Bushell

COVID-19 Support : Company notification preferences whilst staff Work From Home

During this difficult time, more and more employees are being forced to work from home. On top of providing resources to these staff members to continue their daily activities, companies are becoming increasingly reliant on communications.
By Tony Bushell

Effective shift planning is the 24/7 economy’s secret weapon

The world is moving faster than ever – and as the start to 2020 has shown, unexpected world events can lead to consumers wanting access to goods and services in record time. This culture of instant gratification is driving many companies to run operations around-the-clock, but planning shifts for an always-on business is a complex task.
By Tony Bushell

WhosOffice Platform updates Q1 2020, Bradford Factor, Rules and more

Our latest round of updates includes extra Bradford Factor reporting options, more flexibility over applying rules to leave requests, our first set of integration roll-outs, along with a few minor tweaks to reporting outputs.
By Mark Tomkinson

Automate user security with Microsoft Azure Active Directory and WhosOffice

Managing and controlling access across your company wide applications can be complex. One way to minimise this level of complexity is to enable integrations across the different platforms you employ. We've been working to help you with this.
By Tony Bushell

Can retail shift planning software help brands manage staff operations better?

Retail is synonymous with shift work, so you’d be forgiven for thinking that most businesses have got shift planning down to a fine art. But the complexities of modern, multichannel trading have made operations more convoluted than ever before – and assigning the right people to each part of the business is difficult and time consuming.
By Callum Ellis

6 shift planning resolutions your business should make for 2020

In most companies, shift planning is a ‘necessary evil’. You need to make sure the right people are in the right place, at the right time, but coordinating staff schedules takes more effort and energy than you want – and even then, it’s not always accurate.
By Tony Bushell

How can shift planning tools help schools, universities and other educational institutions?

Start a conversation about shift planning, and most people think we’re talking about factories, warehouses, retail and hospitality businesses. But there are many sectors where shift planning tools can help organisations manage staff movements more effectively – including the education sector.
By Tony Bushell

How can charities use shift planning tools?

It’s hard to keep any organisation working towards a common goal, but it can be especially challenging for charities. You’re dealing with a mix of full-time staff, part-time staff and volunteers, and you don’t have a lot of money to spare for expensive people management technology.
By Callum Ellis

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